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MINUTES for the  2018 Annual General Meeting for the Murray Bridge Gliding Club Inc.
held at 38 Brandreth St., Tusmore        on Thursday 9 th August 2018

present: Greg, Emilis,Stephen Kittle, Steve B, BJ, Baylee , Rob 8pm
apologies: Peter, David, Harry, Tim

___________President opens meeting 8pm________________________________________

Murray Bridge Gliding Club    Presidents Report 2017 – 2018

Congratulations one and all.  A consolidation year is how I would describe 2017 – 2018.
 This year we have seen the acquisition of FFN, beginning the refurbishment of same, a number of successful working bees around the hangar and a great deal of work laying fresh foundations for a sound future for the club.
 We have committed to supporting the Scout Flying Club to operate a significant Scout Air Experience operation during the forthcoming 25 th Australian Scout Jamboree to be held at The Bend Racing complex next January.  To that end, Steve Burgess has been risking home and marriage to get our new aircraft, FFN,  fully airworthy for the event as well as getting Bailee’s aircraft off  the experimental register.  A large number of our Club Members have volunteered to assist with that event in both flying and support capacities and it should prove to be a great experience for us all.
 While it may appear a little disappointing that Membership has not grown and we are not currently training any new pilot members, it should be noted that we are preparing ourselves for a much more resilient future operation which will hopefully better support and maintain new members in the future.  Emilis has been very proactive supporting Steve in the Instructing role and communications to all members of weekly activity.  Thank you both.
 On the airworthiness side, Steve, Bob & Bailee remain forever appreciated for your ongoing and continuous efforts in keeping our fleet airworthy and improving.  Thank you all as well as co-opted helpers.
 We will have a new "commercial" web site up and running soon to promote air experiences over the Murray Lands and Lakes in an effort to produce both income and potential new members.  This will be coming on line very soon.
 MBGC hosted the GFA run Safety Seminar last weekend as a part of our involvement with the SAGA and despite not being able to have it at Pallamana, it still went well and was very well received.
Greg has continued to manage the Club’s finances and we thank him for that.
Peter Szell should also be singled out for thanks because he’s nearly always there when we need hands and help. Thanks Peter.
 I feel very comfortable that the Club is in a much stronger and more positive position than I can remember and that only happens with the fabulous efforts and inputs of many and especially of a the core few driving it.  Thank you everyone, you’re doing great.

Rob Wintulich
President Murray Bridge Gliding Club Inc.

      - 2 -

1.0  Minutes of 2017 AGM meeting
moved     Steve B   seconded    Greg       minutes be accepted

2.0  Officer’s reports

2.1  President
Annual report tabled.
- GFA Safety Seminar
change of venue achieved at short notice worked well. 28 attendees (10% of SA glider pilots)

moved Steve B  seconded Baylee   accepted

2.2  Treasurer
Annual accounting has been done as per past tradition. Notable:
this year outgoings exceed income, part aligning financial years/insurance year, FFN costs
Cash position therefore reduced, 'assets' value rises
- accounts to be passed to Steve B for auditor.

Noted that Pallamana costs expected to continue to rise

Rob to provide Greg with Insurance cover of GUD/FFN/parts    ROB

Review shows that Club meets its operating costs at $120/hr - at about average use of 75 hrs/ann    where fuel is 10%
(Sport Aircraft Club numbers were expected 100hrs/ann @ $130/hr wet, actual numbers are similar to MBGC)

Treasurer recommends keep fees (membership, flying) steady.
Social membership   $60/ann   moved BJ    seconded Baylee   accepted

2.3  CFI
Club has nil students. AEI ratings need to be finalised to be ready well before Jamboree.
Instructing currency can be helped with passenger flying.

Steve to email Emilis AEI syllabus        STEVE  

2.4  Airworthiness    Rob as reporting person
- G109 wing dolley  Baylee making replacement units
- engines   Legris fuel taps coming - increased fuel flow should reduce CHT
- GUD/FFN  assembly/servicing   Steve K has offered to come on board in refurbishment.

Get spare u/c legs (1000 landings) tested and stored      BJ

Greg gave hangar key to Steve K
Steve K to collect carpark key from Peter Groeke

Get centre consoles mould made and multiple new ones to be made   
Steve to provide pattern to rob        ROB
      - 3 -

3.0  Election of officers
Positions declared vacant.
President       Rob
Secretary       Emilis
Treasurer       Greg
CFI        Steve
Airworthiness contact  person     Rob

all parties re-elected   Rob/Baylee   accepted

Next GENERAL Club Meeting  Thursday    18th  October 2018

AGM meeting closed   9.30pm

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