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Club Notices

for the meeting for the   Murray Bridge Gliding Club Inc.
held at      38 Brandreth St., Tusmore
on      Thursday 18 th October 2018
beginning 7.30pm

President opens meeting 7.30pm

present: Greg, Baylee, Lindsay, David, Harry, Stephen, Steve, Emilis, Rob, Peter
apologies: Tim,  BJ,

1.0  Minutes of the August meeting
moved     Steve   seconded   Stephen   accepted  
nil items arising

2.0  President report
The club applauds VKR return to register achieved by Steve and Mike Burns support.
Work on other airframe is progressing.
Installed hangar apron sprinkler system
thanks to Greg, Baylee & others; it is helping stability of apron.
Stephen has installed direct lightting to workbench.

2.1  Notes on September SAGA Meeting -
the state association currently financial, it is noted there is no VP for SAGA,
Arkapeena grading now by SAGA payment -
note -   MBGC to consider joining other clubs on camps there:
June long weekend AUGC, ASC October long weekend, Balaklava similar
  Rob to contact clubs and ask are we welcome   ROB

Report from Mandy Temple of S2F - its trial is now1 yearold with increases membership for those trial clubs, S2F seeking more clubs now.
MBGC currently weekend only - can't support training courses.

2.2  But we can promote out landing checks and conversions at other club sites    Steve

2.3  MBGC needs engine servicing ratings
ask Anthony Smith if mentored 50 hrly service course is available
using work log book         Steve

2.4  note: current STC being proven up for G109 with 912 Rotax engine;
also VKR's 2.4l  installation but with Hoffman prop is Grob certified
gives us options for the future
To be pursued after Jan'19

2.5  Fuel valve - may contribute to lean burn and high temps
can get an STC'd British compliant valves.  Steve to buy 3 no. & fit when avail

2.6  Thanks to Ted for making new centre consoles, and new battery boxes
recommended payment      $1,200

3.0  Treasurer
audit of accounts   being progressed

$15,800 available awaiting re-build accounts + upcoming expenses as noted
$31k in term deposit,

3.1  multi a/c insurance cost Rob to check how multiple in air for a few weeks
FFQ/GUD/VKR+ parts   
lay up is permanent ground risk for all  + air risk for active airframes

3.2 Rob to contact outstanding club accounts

3.3 Greg to check kit car attendees to include formal passenger flying over The Bend in  2019 Oct

4.0  CFI
Paperwork for intending AEI pilots to get checked and confirmed to Steve

5.0  Airworthiness
Club thanks Baylee for wing dollies made and trialled on airframe

5.1  data plate in the aircraft is the base for a/c and reg.
therefore FFQ engine, instruments, electrics    wings rig check
with replacement fuselage

current works: brakes  fuel lines, awaiting cowls, rudder, prop/engine
next job : polish wings on the horiz

6.0  preparing for January 2018

6.1 - certification status of individuals
Steve, Emilis, Greg, Lindsay*, Rob*, Stephen     AEI rating,
stages - police check, Scout receipt, Jamboree application, child protection on-line or on-site

6.2 - activities pre-date The Bend
 * aerial visit on Nov 3 when Scouts are there on site inspection
 * Dec 29 hot weather check flying on air strip  

Discussion on people attending when, what accomm needed, ask details               Rob to advise Colin
Peter advises he doesn't want his car at The Bend, wants lift there
Request is all gear to be on-site Jan2, flying begins Jan5 for 9 days

Proposal raised that GFA income from the event to go to a youth scholarship      Emilis

Discussion that all 3 aircraft carry similar graphics, notably registration to match VKR
and club bird logo on each       ROB

7.0  AOB

Meeting closed   9.50pm   

Next meeting
to be advised – February 2019

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