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Club Notices

MINUTES for the
General Meeting for the
Murray Bridge Gliding Club Inc.
held at 38 Brandreth St., Tusmore        on Thursday 17th October 2019

present: Greg, Emilis, Lindsay, BJ, Baylee, Peter S, Rob
apologies: Steve,

1.0  Minutes of 2019 AGM meeting
moved   Rob   seconded  Baylee   accepted

1.1  Items from previous meeting         
- FFQ canopy event
- spin checks

2.0  Officer’s reports
2.1  President

Rob spoke to his excursion week with FFQ.
He prepared with both hard copy map strips for each leg of the planned circuit, and 'fly is fun' aviation navigation software with planned route detail, in-flight tracking and post flight review/ analysis. The loading was kept within weight limits. Flight profile was slow climb in coarse pitch up to 6000' with air speed up to 90knots.

Brief overview:  day 1  flew from YMBD - Stonefield - Leigh Creek, where half tanki refuel with avgas - then on to William Creek with refuel 91+av gas. Much interest in G109 from thye dozen other aircraft visiting there.
day 2 north Lake Eyre to Warburton River, Cooper Creek - Maree Man - William Creek
day 3 to Arkaroola refuel aircraft and on-board drum 98   
day 4 Beverley uranium mine, thermal time in Flinders + wave to Wilpena - Chambers Gorge  then toward home; with a precautionary landing at Peterborough due to low cloud, 1800' asl ground and showers   refurl 98
after overnight stay.return to YMBD   39 litres left

2.2  Treasurer
- Club term deeposit will be reviewed before January re-investment date, to meet the 2400 engine build need which will be defined before then.  

- the club's Rec & Sport grant has been resubmitted, announce Dec  
It is focused on 'club & sport equipment'

- Awaiting club insurance offer which may rise this year in December

2.3  CFI
Emilis noted that we are still getting used to 'end of day' MR update engine and airframe details - with new Form 2s imminent, this will be helpful to get into routine mode.

2.4  Airworthiness
- 25hrly check training day
Greg will create a pro-forma for all who attended to get first round sign off by Baylee
inspection done by 'recognised prior learning' process    GREG
attendees   Baylee, Steve   Greg, Rob, Lindsay, Tim, Emilis, Kalell

Form 2 kits to be ordered for all 3 G109      GREG
- FFQ   due 24 Nov
- GUD  Form 2 imminent
- VKR now due

- ‘205’ engine   FFQ has large gap from barrel to first cooling fin, existing club heads have been modified to suit fitted to GUD, ground static test suggests lower CHT
shells have been received, BJ will fit shortly

- 2400 engine - meeting endorsed to continue development, block check to be done in Sydney, get prices for new items to create zero hour engine status   BAYLEE

- under carriage legs – test existing        BJ
Next GENERAL Club Meeting
With the upcoming season, and 'business' focusing on technical items noted above, the
committee will meet as needed, to suit a Saturday at Pallamana

a club meeting in February 2020, date to be advised

meeting closed    9pm

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