Morning Glory 2012 - MBGC

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Morning Glory 2012
Four club members made the trip north, Steve, Baylee, Emilis and Bob. Steve and Emilis flew up and back in VKR and Baylee and Bob drove in the cruiser. Eight days of driving made for a long trip. The Glory appeared the first three days, weak lift and broken cloud made flying interesting. One morning a good Glory came over before first light and proceeded downwind fast. Some pilots electing to take off at first light and head downwind to chase what would be the best performing cloud of the trip. Some radio calls put the cloud and aircraft downwind approx 100nm, a long trip back but judging by the smiles, well worth it. A cold front moved in the last few days to put a dampener on flying.  A great experience. Aircraft flying the cloud, Grob 109, Taifun, Dimona, Motor Falke, Sinus, PIK 20e, LS1/Top, Beechcraft Musketeer and assorted trikes, paragliders and a gyrocopter. More photos to come soon.

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