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Club Notices

MINUTES    of the meeting for the    Murray Bridge Gliding Club Inc.
held at       38 Brandreth St., Tusmore
on Thursday 20 th June 2019    meeting begins 7.30pm

present:   Greg, Peter, BJ, Lindsay, Baylee, Steve, Emilis, Rob
apologies:  nil advised

1.0  Minutes of the April 2019 meeting
moved   Steve  seconded  Baylee   accepted

1.1  Items arising
1.1.1  social members
A call to formalise social member numbers will be made in line with the grant application in September

1.1.2  engine maintenance training logbook draft presented
v.2 has been forwarded to state and federal gliding for comment and approvals.
It gives process check points for inspections and tutor sign offs.

1.1.3  club excursion for pilots’ spin check
Stonefield response is to welcome us as a group, $7/min tug time + $1.10/min Janus, $15 o/night accom and evening bbq can be provided.  Date to be finalised
(noted that the goal is identify auto-rotation and correct recovery rather than as an aerobatic exercise)

1.1.4  November kit car event
passenger bookings after August once participants begin arranging their involvement

2.0  President's report
(note assembled from comments during the meeting)

18 months ago the club began a formal ‘redundancy program’ so that as an airframe is withdrawn for service, another is available in replacement. That approach has been helpful this year with work on FFQ and the intumescent paint program.
The redundancy program now continues with purchase of replacement items (brakes, undercarriage legs) so that the airframes condition continue to be improved.

Treasurer report
Cash in hand will be used for upcoming major expenses (basing fee, insurances) with little prospect of returns on investment with current interest rates.

Currently 3 AEF forms in book. GFA system is evolving to favour on-field full electronic admin. As we are not heading to be a S2F club, we can continue as we are.

Advance note for AGM
That MBGC flying fees go to $90/hr engine + $35/hr airframe
(it was noted that other low cost gliding clubs are now at $175/hr for motorgliders)

CFI report
Sunday 23ed June expected audit at Pallamana.

noted that GFA may move to biennial pilot flight reviews rather than AFR

Airworthiness report
update on ‘205’ cylinder heads
2 stored heads taken by BJ for Nigel to see of fin space can be made as per ‘205’s.
maintenance/flying status
FFQ tap and paint complete with early Form2 to be done to get it into winter maintenance cycle with air switch and brakes, VKR tap to be done, GUD derigged for progressive work on tap, paint, brakes and later control circuit – each job one at a time so that availability as needed is maintained.
Future program to paint wings
 5.3  undercarriage legs
BJ has been asked to have leg straightened and re-tempered for spares store.
(Comments on various parts availability and cost leading to in-club holding

In September Rob may fly motorglider as part of Sports Aircraft Club excursion – endorsed by meeting
Report that gliding clubs who program excursions such as Flinders are happy for MBGC motorgliders to join in.

Meeting closed
Next meeting   AGM 15 th August 2019 at 38 Brandreth St


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