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It will be remembered as the Year of the Covid 19 Pandemic and despite our membership being amongst  the most prone group of the population, we have grown and progressed.  It is with great pleasure we welcome all the new members and the renewed vigour, enthusiasm, excitement and great comradery to Murray Bridge Gliding Club.  Not to forget the devotion, hard work, commitment and persistence of the ‘die hards’ who have kept this Club alive for all of us to enjoy.  Thank you everyone!
With Pandemic induced restrictions, a forced cessation of operations and new Government regulations controlling our movements and numbers of assembly, we have still managed a great year.  Flying hours and Club revenue are soaring. (pun intended—no excuses) The airworthiness crew have been exceptional.  The Instructors Panel outstanding.  Again, huge thanks to all!
As always, our continuity and survival is not without its challenges.  The Pallamana Airfield owners have proposed a new form of tenure by way of formal lease. This has stirred considerable reaction amongst Hangar Owners on the airfield and this issue is far from complete or resolution.  Your committee is active and will keep you informed as this unfolds.  The airfield owners have more recently for-shadowed full sealing of the main runway, standing area and taxiway between hangars being highly probable with confirmation known potentially as soon as April 2021.  They did not however reflect on any potential operating expense increases should that happen.  Our viability at this site faces ever increasing expenses and may restrict future growth or expansion at this site.  All things to be kept in mind as we plan and move forward.
The Club has committed to upgrading our fleet by way of rebuilding a Limbach 2400 motor to strengthen safety, power, climb rate and temperature control as well as potential acquisition of VKR somewhere down the track.  We are in a good position.
We can only operate with what we have and know.  The unknown will show itself when it becomes reality and we will deal with it then so until changes of circumstances dictate, let’s continue to fly the wheel pants off our Grobs and enjoy the euphoria which only we as glider pilots know.
I would especially thank all the Committee for their untiring efforts in supporting our Club.
Good skies, safe flying and thank you for being the Club we are.
Rob Wintulich
President MBGC Inc.

 MINUTES for the
2020-2021 Annual General Meeting for the
Murray Bridge Gliding Club Inc.
held at 38 Brandreth St., Tusmore        on Thursday 21 st January 2021

(This AGM was held over from late 2020 until easing of COVID19 gathering restrictions)

present: Greg, Ian, BJ, Susanne, Martin, Baylee, Steve, Frank, Lindsey, Rob, Richard, Emilis

apologies: Tim, David

1.0  President’s Report (above)

1.1  Minutes of 2019 August AGM meeting
read by President

moved       Steve    seconded   Baylee   accepted
items arising were dealt with in officers' reports
2.0  Officer’s reports

2.1  President   see above

2.2  Treasurer
- Annual report was presented
moved        Rob  seconded  Steve  accepted

2.2.1  MBGC is due to apply again for the 3 year round of Dept Rec & Sport grant -               GREG to watch/apply

2.2.2  Club lease review/proposals at Pallamana
Greg represents MBGC on the tenants committee/legal review of the original owner lease. Issues about whether this is a lease and binding.
Issue noted that proposed bitumen runway might make FTA ownership/circuit use with large impact on gliding club operations. This may prompt a relocation: Plan B - members are invited to consider alternatives

2.2.3  review of club operating charges
current fee $160pa  $100 engine+$30airframe
It was noted that from the current break even operation, the club needs to generate an extra >$3k/ann for each aircraft coming refurbishment needed (engine/prop replacement/etc).

motion: to keep existing fees plus move to $120/hr engine from Feb 2021 onward   
moved    Steve     second       BJ   Accepted

2.2.4 valuing club aircraft
It was noted that from the Insurance industry point of view -
value of airframe needs to reflect major components involved - engine, prop, canopy, etc.   Rob advises minimum value insurers accept is $50k.
vs what are the airframes 'worth' - resale, spare parts value, etc. in club hands

2.3  CFI
It was noted that the club has a regular flying operation.  Member increase and fellowship are good.
CFI noted the club would like to see -
- more engine off flying
- with touring flights encouraged.  When touring, pilot need to have SAR person advised.

2.3.1 GFA now has Bi-ennial flight review. Spin check mandatory as part of this. On-line tests air law and pilots to be radio trained.

Regular update of GFA Training book is emphasised - student to  regularly update by instructor to reflect current.       ALL  PILOTS

Pilots need to fill in club flight book with number of landings and who on-board
At end of day, fill in engine and airframe hours in aircraft Maintenance Release.

Pilots are asked to trial use of Fuel tap - try it in cockpit on the ground

2.3.2 Club audit
End 2020 audit cancelled, will be done by June 2021
focus  for all:
fill in aircraft Maintenance Release hours on end of day    ALL PILOTS

Rob to forward recent CASA spin article to Steve      ROB

2.4  Airworthiness
Upcoming tasks:
for GUD - engine time switch - Steve & Stephen K   
FFQ - air switch time update to modern electronic unit

2.4.1 for information - service intervals
25hrly only needed during first 100 hours operation of new engine. We prefer to do 25hrly oil changes as part of engine longevity - advise Steve of hours but pilots can fly beyond. Whereas 50 hrly time is mandatory - can not use beyond.    ALL PILOTS

2.4.2 upcoming major maintenance
GUD 1 year to run on prop, spare prop can be surveyed and fitted
FFQ harnesses replacement due Sept. 2021 - hence MR term date limited

2.4.3  2400 engine
Mike Burns supports EO of this engine with 3 position prop, this is based on existing Dimonas with this set up, and an NZ G109 also as proven precedents w/ NZ paperwork.
Rob Thompson authorised to test block, crank and cam. Proceed only with build if tests positive.

2.4.4  Club Tool Set assembly has begun - for club to own, look after, use.  
light, drill, tool kit. Also full 109 lift jack in blue box south corner of hangar.

3.0  Election of officers
Rob chairs meeting, while positions vacant:

Members present nomination and vote -
President     Rob Wintulich      
Secretary     Baylee Roberts   (Emilius in support)  
Treasurer     Greg Newbold
CFI      Steve Burgess  
Airworthiness contact  person   Steve Burgess

It was decided to form a club membership/events group:
 Susanne Jones, Rob Wintulich & Richard Gray
to undertake activities - support club gatherings with food and drink, arrange club events, and take actions to encourage member interactions and club outreach outward to passengers and potential future members. Including expanding website (overmurraylowerlakes.wordpress.com), response on club phone, on-field interaction, etc.  

Next GENERAL Club Meeting  
   4pm at Pallamana, Saturday 20th March 2021

AGM meeting closed   10pm  with thanks to participants

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