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MINUTES for the General Meeting for the Murray Bridge Gliding Club Inc.     held at Hangar 19 Pallamana airfield on Saturday 20 th March 2021

present: Steve, Baylee, Susanne, Greg, Stephen, Colin, Lyn, Lindsay, Peter, Jean-Luc, Emilis, Martin, Rob        apologies: Tim, Roman, Richard, Ian, BJ

1.0   Minutes of January 2021 AGM          moved     Greg   seconded   Baylee   accepted

2.1 President opened the meeting at 3.35pm
- Rob represented the club at Harry Bache’s service with members’thanks.
- Rob noted both that new members and returning members have been welcomed and that aircraft usage is at very good levels.  

2.2 Treasurer           
The issues of airfield sale and tenant leases have not progressed. It is understood that the current owner is not in a hurry, and meetings on tenant leases are yet to be arranged.
It is understood that a project to bitumen seal 01/19 is front of the owner’s mind.

Funds in operating and term accounts place the club in good position for possible upcoming works.
Monthly accounts are issued, with most members’ accounts in credit. As noted below, pilots are asked to put all information in the aircraft flight book to also make account keeping accurate.

2.3 CFI           
Current work is to bring a number of pilots to instructor standard. This will enable a more formal roster to be operated.

Laminated cards on standard GFA flight checks are in aircraft pocket – use them.
Have the trainee book filled in by the instructor at the end of flying on the day - this helps consistency of training as we move to multiple instructor operation
Last pilot at the end of each flying day – fill in Maintenance Release part 3 white and blue pages  clock time and landings. These impact aircraft servicing needs such as under carriage spring leg life tests

MBGC is advised by GFA that we do not have a representative level of SOAR reports on their system – the concern is that we may not be picking up nascent issues building toward an incident.

2.4 Airworthiness          
FFQ will operate until September when new harnesses will be fitted during the Form 2
GUD is due for a fuel line upgrade to fire proof in engine bay.
2.4litre engine has returned from Sydney to us. The current proposal is where Nigel Baker with Cathy Conway mentor Leigh Stokes to do the work and become Limbach certified for this engine.
Discussions are underway where a weekend course be conducted for MBGC members to get engine top end inspection approval.

2.5  Hangar 19
The current work to clean hangar 19 is favourably seen and supported. Thank you to members actively moving fuselage to Monarto and Compactus to Pallamana.  
The meeting discussion was to preserve FFN metal parts currently on the bench by wrap in oil paper, small parts to go in zip-lock bag with spray lube. Greg to source bags.
Storage of items in Compactus was favourably viewed – please continue.

2.6 Social Group
- develop social gathering calendar
- Susanne has received contact addresses to SA gliding clubs from SAGA President. The current draft Atlas is to be circulated by her to SA gliding clubs > seeking information on their contact and motor glider visit access, to be added to the Atlas
Rob offered to provide contact details for other destinations he used in his Lake Eyre trip.

Martin will advise dates for motorglider excursion to Waikerie including spin check flights when he has confirmed with Bill Mudge.

The desirability of an open deck trailer for 109 retrieval was canvassed as part of discussion on a future Burketown trip, possibly 2022.
Allied to this logistics issues of accommodation availability there in current COVID travel conditions. And potential to meld travel with Sport Aircraft Assoc.

SAGA has noted that the use of the Arkapeena airstrip adjacent Wilpena Pound depends on state gliding maintenance financially supported by the clubs using the site. That by preference only one club at a time use the site.
Rob will obtain the current intended use dates from usual clubs going there (Adelaide, Balaklava, AUGC, Waikerie) so that MBGC can select a visit time.

Issues raised included booking accommodation limited by existing gliding club already making forward bookings and COVID increased travel now to these destinations.

3.0  AOB

Susanne flagged that she will put together notes on carbon offset such as related to MBGC motor glider operation and associated member travel, and potential response such as tree planting.

The President will keep a watching brief on the SAGA suggestion that clubs assist Open Glider Network aircraft tracking with local antennae and gear. On the basis that currently the club has no Flarm or ATSB equipped aircraft.

Next Club Meeting programmed for Pallamana at 3pm on Saturday May 15 th 2021
With thanks to all attendees, the President closed the meting at 5pm       

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