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Club Notices

Summary of discussion points arising in the 2019 Annual General Meeting gathering for the Murray Bridge Gliding Club Inc.:

 With essentially a continuing static membership size, the club in the year increased its flying activities both within the club membership and with external initiatives including AJ2019 flying.
 The preceding year's equipment purchase initiatives and the work since to make these operational during this year resulted in a notional asset value increase in the club, balanced by a commensurate operating funds in hand decrease.
 Consistent with the club forward looking overall goals:
- an increase in store&fly equipment was secured, as many aircraft parts are otherwise now hard to procure
- club rates are progressively adjusted so that the club's secured liquidity and ability to meet increasing operating costs are secured; with an emphasis on encouraging soaring the aircraft.
 Changes in the Pallamana circumstance continues to evolve. Some of this mitigates against gliding there. - an increase in operating power flying intensity on-site - the liklihood of bitumen runway construction - increases in basing fee and potential change to an on-site hangar lease charge base. The club therefore reviews its options in advance, so that choices can be made both for best return on its fixed asset there, and tenability of the gliding operation itself, wherever that occurs.

ITEMS for all pilots to note:

* at the end of flying day
Last pilot to fly each flying day - to log in Maintenance Release - hours shown on instrument panel
- flying hours from meter in white page
- engine hours from meter in blue page
In this way the connection to upcoming maintenance hours at front of MR are more clearly related.

* Steve will be at Gawler on Sunday 25th August, MBGC pilots wishing to do spin check there can attend on the day.

* FFQ warm up
Pilots have got used to the rapid CHT increase on GUD and early taxiing.
In contrast FFQ warms oil much more slowly. Pilots are encouraged to fill in engine time in pilot log after extended warm up and wait for oil temp before taxiing to preserve motor.

* fuel valve shut off
New valve taps have been installed, which require detent to be lifted (2 fingers) before being able to rotate (thumb on side of handle) to closed position.  Pilots to trial in cockpit on the ground

* upcoming motorglider excursions
14-16 September   Rob flying to Lake Eyre/Innaminka/Arkaroola
9th November   Greg & Rob flying into Edinburgh air base

MINUTES for the
2019 Annual General Meeting for the
Murray Bridge Gliding Club Inc.
held at 38 Brandreth St., Tusmore        on Thursday 15th August 2019

present: Greg, Baylee, Steve, Emilis, Lindsey,  Rob
apologies: Peter, BJ, Tim, Steve K., David, Harry

President’s Report 2018 – 2019
as appended

1.0  Minutes of 2018 AGM meeting
moved    Greg   seconded  Lindsey   accepted         

2.0  Officer’s reports

2.1  President
no further report

2.2  Treasurer
Annual report presented,
moved     Baylee  seconded    Steve       accepted

the Rec  & Sport grant applied for was not secured.

as foreshadowed:
"That MBGC flying fees go to $100/hr engine + $30/hr airframe"
while retaining membership at $160 /ann
moved  Lindsey  seconded   Emilis   accepted

The meeting discussion and decision noted that accounts audit is not necessary,
transparency is achieved by dual signing for cheques, all transactions reported.
Full meeting approval.

2.3  CFI

Rob to re-submit SOAR report to GFA on FFQ canopy day, copy to Steve.           ROB

GFA audit of club completed 23 rd June  satisfactory

Club and pilots use of the formal GFA motorglider x/c syllabus to be looked at. STEVE

AN51 exemption - GFA wants this to lapse
end of day do airframe (white pages) and engine hours (blue pages) ALL PILOTS

spin check at Gawler   Steve to advise days once roster is known  STEVE

2.4  Airworthiness

BJ to continue efforts to have '205' heads made by Nigel Baker    BJ
Baylee & BJ to arrange old undercarriage legs testing and refurbishment   BJ

FFQ operational - brake pad replacement due.     STEVE

upcoming projects:
- GUD   ADs to be done, plus
interior, polish outside, tighten circuits   Form 2 level  

- possible 2400 engine as for VKR - EO needed    STEVE to pursue
moved Rob  seconded Emilis    accepted

- purchase undercarriage legs from Mark Morgan    STEVE to pursue

3.0  Election of officers   all incumbents retained
Airworthiness contact  person

upcoming excursions:

Edinburgh air show - fly-in, Greg + Rob   9th Nov    Greg - Rob use 109

Lake Eyre flight William Creek
14-16 Sept   Rob   Innaminka   Arkaroola      Rob

Next GENERAL Club Meeting   17th October 2019

AGM meeting closed   9.40pm


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