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Club Notices

of the meeting for the    Murray Bridge Gliding Club Inc.
held at       38 Brandreth St., Tusmore
on Thursday 11th April 2019

meeting began 7.40pm
present:   Greg, Rob, Emilis, Steve, Peter, Baylee
apologies:  Lindsay, BJ, Stephen K

1.0  Minutes of the February 2019 meeting
moved  Steve   seconded  Baylee   accepted

1.1  Items arising

1.1.1  social members
The club offers nil cost social membership to Clause 5.3 of the existing Constitution.
Flying members are asked to advise Greg of their family members wishing to join to the benefit of the club.       ALL PILOTS

1.1.2  engine maintenance training logbook draft presented
Steve circulated draft logbook based on 31 Grob & Limbach points of service.
To be formalised through review by Derek Spencer and others.
This will enable club members to be trained and accredited for periodic engine servicing.
        STEVE B.

1.1.3  club excursion for pilots’ spin check
enquiries with neighbouring about an MBGC day there  STEVE B.

1.1.4  discussion
The meeting felt that it will be helpful to bring along another instructor for roster
Training may include time in VKR     STEVE B

1.1.5  centre console invoice to Greg    ROB

1.1.6   small grants application          will be lodged 17 th April for $5k in safety equipment GREG

1.1.7  November kit car event
Greg advises passenger flights will be direct booking with MBGC possibly for parts of Thu – Sat of that event, flown at Pallamana

1.1.8  club flying
Contact Emilis on 0415 631 713   club phone is now with Rob

2.0  President's report
- Rob attended Blanchetown dinner after Jamboree representing MBGC with thanks of meeting.
- Recent light aircraft excursion to Swan Hill & Nhill, should be doable in motorgliders.
- Recent discussion on GFA club Presidents' Forum mail list in reaction to GFA fee increases and discouragement of 30 day & 3 month member categories. Seen as barriers to growing the sport.

Treasurer report
Club financial position remains stable with upcoming costs such as hangar keepers' insurance
and fund re-investment time.

Treasurer to contact Scouts for AJ2019 flying list   GREG

meeting discussion on glider trailer project – possibly $6k for bare trailer  
meeting encouraged that design and build intent keep moving forward
        STEPHEN K.

CFI report
embedded above

Airworthiness report
Thank yous to:
- Peter for head set refurbishment program
- Greg for silvered bags for head sets storage in-cockpit
- Lindsay for arranging new head sets for Baylee

- ‘205’ cylinder heads to replace ‘201’s on GUD  may not be available, refund expected.
2.4 litre engine may involve large rebuild costs unless Eos can be aligned.
As we have spare 2 litre engine and prop, priority is less than projects below.

5.1  - FFQ wing return to Pallamana  this Saturday
to be primed, sanded, painted at Pallamana  Easter

5.2 fuel taps            new type already fitted to FFQ, VKR next to fit, GUD fit when FFQ goes into service

5.3 intumescent paint
Project is to clean, degrease, grind down to glass engine cowlings, fire wall requires engine removal, fuselage underside – all to have roller applied mulriple layers to required thickness
VKR done except fire wall, FFQ to be done before return to service, GUD to be done as part of winter servicing.

Thank you to Steve for initiative and moving works forward

6.0  Scout  Roxby Downs project     
Possible dates in discussion with site, scouts and MBGC  ROB

7.0  possible Flinders camp dates

Adelaide Soaring Club operate there 11-18 May and welcome attendees

AUGC usually go there 8 -10 June  

Rob is exploring whether a 40' container would be approved alongside hangar, is cost effective to help clear the hangar for direct operational and airworthiness stuff only

Solar farm adjacent to Pallamana – objectors were heard last week in court hearing

Meeting thanks Greg for hosting club meetings

Meeting closed  9.30pm

Next meeting
20th   June 2019

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