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Minutes AGM 2016

Club Notices > 16-17 minutes

MINUTES for the
of the  Murray Bridge Gliding Club Inc.

held at Windsock Lounge Pallamana Airfield
on Saturday 13 th August 2016

meeting opened by the President 6.10 pm

present:   Rob, BJ, Baylee, Lindsay, Greg, Emilis
apologies:  Peter, Ray, Mick, Tim, Steve

1.0  Minutes of the 2015 AGM
moved    Baylee   seconded   Lindsay     accepted

1.1  Items arising
are embedded in the agenda items below

2.0  - President’s report
as listed separately

3.0  - Treasurer’s report
The year’s accounts have been completed and will be audited by Ray to suit his commitments. It is notable that despite interruptions to operations, the club generated a small surplus and operating hours were comparable to recent years, ie the operating intensity increased.

3.1  meeting accepted that FFQ insured value be adjusted to $60k  GREG

meeting accepted that club fees be set at        $160 membership/annum             airframe $30/hr   engine $90/hr     ALL PILOTS
moved Baylee  seconded Greg     accepted

3.3  that in future years try to move fees with CPI  accepted  GREG

3.4  quotes be sought for future Form 2 carried out externally   GREG

3.5  hangar keepers insurance     
what does it cover, what is premium, via GFA     ROB

4.0  - CFIs report
Lindsay will retire at end of year, Greg will take on position.
they will work toward smooth handover

Small instructor numbers limits flying opportunities - looking to growing numbers later
In the interim, will apply small numbers in best way we can.

5.0  - Airworthiness report
There have been no operations, as since engine repair the observed CHT are high, with likely short term damage.
Many cooling improvements have been made, with no improvement achieved. Engine agent has flown FFQ and confirms unacceptable temps. Manufacturer and agent say engine performance is ok, and cooling is airframe issue.

The meeting considered:
- Baylee & BJ will trial very low viscosity oil and internal ducting
- accepting 5pm phone conference proposal that the existing engine be returned to agent who will assemble another engine for fitment to FFQ.
Agent also provided a WA contact who may have objective temp data on another Limbach/G109. As many G109 temp records are anecdotal – where 170deg limit is not known, where gauge may be unreliable, etc. and hence comparative situation is not useable.
- options beyond this to be further considered include buying an old G109 which has a young engine and use it for spares.

The aircraft issue for the club to be further pursued by accumulating funds – in line with change in club fees – to build a surplus toward aircraft purchase.

6.0  Election of club officers
position     incumbents  accepted
President     Rob Wintulich
SMS officer     "
Webmaster     Bob Jennison
Minute Secretary    Emilis Prelgauskas
Treasurer     Greg Newbold
CFI      Lindsay Tilley

once operations resume, there will be a call for understudy persons to the positions above to be drawn from membership.      ALL PILOTS

7.0  other business
dealt with above

Thank you to President for arranging the meeting meal and Treasurer for wine.

next AGM   August 2017
next club meeting   October 2016

close meeting 6.55pm

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