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Minutes 13-4-17

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NOTES  for the General Meeting
of the Murray Bridge Gliding Club Inc.
to be held at 38 Brandreth St., Tusmore
on Thursday 13 th April 2017

present:  Rob, Jason, Greg, Emilis
apologies: Lindsay (overseas), Steve, BJ, Baylee
President opens meeting  7.40pm
and the decision to canvass issues below.

1. CFI is exploring whether better arrangements can be made for spin proficiency checks.
These currently are arranged individually by each pilot at another club.
One possible arrangement is that the club CFI gets endorsed to do the checks in collaboration with another club.

2.  There is interest amongst some for MBGC to expand its operation to
include pure sailplanes, possibly aerotow by LSA
We look forward to the proponents putting real world numbers against
acquisition, maintenance, operation of 2 such airframes, the rostering issues
including tug pilots, and the minimum operation size needed to be viable.

3.  As noted in the ‘ground school’ texts, MBGC currently has no social element,
so there is limited interaction with other operators at Pallamana,
Jason noted there is also limited interaction amongst pilots from clubs around Adelaide.
The MBGC affiliation return to GFA notes no development officer

4.  Treasurer is to operate 2 term investments which overlap
plus leave funds in general account which enable the club to cover
its upcoming insurances, basing fee, and pursue 5. below.

5.  Integral to parts acquisition and option to assemble a store&fly 109
there is interest to pursue the NSW airframe at advantageous cost.
Rob to talk with BJ & Baylee about the steps to check this out, offer, collect

The issue is - where is another airframe stored
This puts pressure on the front hangar to be erected, as the Bache’s hangar is likely to
go to the aerobatic pilots

6. A GFA quote of about $867 premium for ‘hangar keeper’s insurance’
providing $10 public liability, $1m aircraft and $0.5m property-in-care cover
This needs member input as to what value it creates in the MBGC situation of a clearly
defined ground side / air side, significant other surrounding activities, etc.

Next meeting - refer notices

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