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Minutes 1-7-17

Club Notices > 16-17 minutes

MINUTES for the
of the  Murray Bridge Gliding Club Inc.

held at
Windsock Lounge, Pallamana Airfield
on Saturday 1 st  July 2017

present : Rob, Lindsay, Steve, Baylee, Emilis, Greg
apologies :  Peter, BJ, Nick

President opens the meeting   3.30pm

1.0   Officers’ reports

1.1  President sees the club's present position as positive in airworthiness, financial terms.
The need is to strengthen personnel and activity levels.
Appreciation expressed to current members increasing the club’s capabilities.
President has taken part in GFA President's forum  including Sports Community consultancy.

1.2  Treasurer notes that cash is in hand to meet coming obligations
The meeting decision was to full insure GUD to cover asset value also of other airframes.

Rob to give Greg copy of FFQ insurance conclusion on FFQ   ROB
Rob talk to insurance co. re: future reactivation of spare airframes   ROB
also about bind in VKR  ground cover insurance with credit on bundle     BAYLEE & ROB

"Club take hangar keepers insurance using GFA offer"  accepted  GREG  
Greg intends to have books audited ready for AGM

1.3  CFI noted club audit of 15 th June 2017
operations evolutions being trialled – gravel runway use, parking near Alpha, radio use
upgrade radio comms - state intention on radio – using gravel, grass, etc.

noted GFA emphasis on Safety Culture
Instructors are collaborating on matters arising from audit
CFI to establish club wide check process – mandatory spin check before pilot-in-command status

Lindsay has offered to blend paperwork on Safety System - using both GFA template and existing on-site booklets contents      LINDSAY
Intent is that members sign on reading the material

Intent to create an Incident Reporting Form within club – members can lodge in correspondence box on hangar wall frame

1.4  Airworthiness   BJ has circulated report on work in progress to all.

     - 2 -

2.0  Passenger flying
The main topic for the meeting was the initiative to offer structured extended passenger flying.
The meeting resolved to follow on to Nick’s offer to construct a website promoting this.
President to canvass a small cross section of members on the detail in coming weeks
(draft brief for the construct to follow separate to Minutes).
Around this, an advertising budget to be decided for ‘professionalising’ conduct – decals to airframes, windsock lounge use, shirts for AEI pilots, handbills to tourism centres.

3.0  AOB
Noted port seat headset plugs in instrument panel appear to be faulty after succession of ‘unreadable’ advice from other aircraft, with both head sets switched.
Baylee & Steve to check.

Next meeting
This will be the club’s AGM, to be held at 38 Brandreth St, Tusmore
date to be advised in mid-September

Meeting closed  6pm

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