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Minutes 16-2-17

Club Notices > 16-17 minutes

MINUTES of the
of the  Murray Bridge Gliding Club Inc.

held at 38 Brandreth St., Tusmore
on Thursday 16 th February 2017

present :   Baylee, Steve (part), Rob, Lindsay, Emilis, Greg, Peter (part)
apologies :  Jason,  BJ going into hospital

President opens the meeting 7.44pm

note: This record is in 2 parts
the minutes of the meeting
commentary of conversation & discussion during the meeting on speculative and strategic items which are not formal decisions and will be the subject of further discussion and decisions; which are provided only for information.

1.0  Minutes of the meeting of 15 th December 2016
moved  Lindsay  seconded Baylee   accepted

1.1  Items arising
1.1.1   hangar site 4    site has been cleared, family commitments delay coming works
1.1.2  hangar site 19   gutters repair   to be done   ROB

2.0  President’s Report
Date of club social event to be advised      ROB

3.0  Treasurer’s Report
3.1 aircraft use confirmed:$90 engine  $30 airframe     update a/c book EMILIS

3.2 insurance put $40k into term deposit
as this also keeps existing bank relationship in terms of accounts access active
adequate cash operating funds

3.3 audit club books via Peter contact – to be provided to Greg   PETER offer honorarium: club flight or $100

3.4 get hangar keepers insurance via GFA system     GREG
covers all member on site hazards

3.5 club to give Mark Morgan thank you ex-gratia payment for efforts on behalf of club with covering letter and personal handover     STEVE & ROB

      - 2 -

4.0  CFI
Club wants to comply with requirements; in the interim Steve to hold CFI position
until long term solution achieved. He is liaising with L3 to clear process.
Club focus to grow an AEI cadre, then full instructors

4.1 Club member authorisations list    to be collated   LINDSAY

5.0  Airworthiness Report
an insurance payout for FFQ plus airframe kept by club finalisation expected –   
GUD review: replacement engine fitted, volt meter & OAT fitted, W&B done, to be checked Saturday for completion of paperwork and test fly about engine temps   This will permit normal ops resumption to be advised  EMILIS  
other engine repair progressive – when BJ is fit, he can do at home at his choice

Peter to check Denso starter motor      PETER

airframe to be tidied, Rob considering decals, detail improvements to include camopy alarm and electronic CO2 detector

5.6  Steve to seek DI Examiner endorsement so that low hours pilots can be rated for aircraft daily inspection as part of the evolution toward pilot-in-command

Meeting closed 10pm

next meeting
Thursday 13 th April 2017
Lindsay will be o/s and is an apology

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