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Minutes 15-12-16

Club Notices > 16-17 minutes

MINUTES of the
of the  Murray Bridge Gliding Club Inc.

held at 38 Brandreth St., Tusmore
on Thursday 15 th December 2016

present:   Greg, Rob, Baylee, Peter, Lindsay, BJ, Emilis
apologies:  Mick, Tim

President opens meeting   7.45pm

1.0  Minutes of October meeting
moved      Lindsay      seconded Greg   accepted

2.0  Items arising
2.1  GUD in service  insurance
In service the aircraft is generating funds in several weeks beyond what is available in bank account term deposit earning.
It is full flight insured to $60k value

2.2  FFQ out of service  insurance and arrangements
It is $24k storage value insured
Nigel Baker advises Mark Morgan is completing repair quote for insurer
Contact insurance Janet assessor on acceptance     ROB
M.Morgan has inspected, likely delay to get on repairer schedule
It is understood $11k Euros for replacement parts

2.3  hangar site 4 – former T-hangar – progress planned
old hangar has been removed, rubbish gone to dump.
Nick Gilbert to advance erecting FFQ original hangar
Baylee will help when asked.

2.4  main club hangar – electric winch – battery – charger
Lindsay and Peter have both put trickle chargers in hangar
New battery needed – possibly with 7 day timer on charger

or search out possible 240V winch option ?
Lindsay to check out         LINDSAY
Emilis to bring another old battery to Pallamana     EMILIS

2.5  main club hangar - gutters
Rob will add straps         ROB
Gutters were cleaned by Greg on Rob's mini-skaff

3.0  Presidents Report
FFQ to be repaired commercially. Flying continuing in GUD,
Rob is exploring CFI replacement options - possible approved titular temporary from another club, or can have Panel with non-instructor Chair
being checked with GFA Prez or COP      ROB

4.0  Treasurer’s Report
$25k cash deposit has been turned in, with this we have paid insurance bill and
with current yearly costs paid and a little money in bank.
Accounts are up to date, Treasurer will provide members with individual accounts

Next October - look at insurance company change - once current claim finished and QBE is leaving aviation field

Confirmed that previous meeting decision to give current pilots  - 5 hours flying by end of year/pilot with charge only for engine time.

4.1  accounts audit
Ray not continuing in club. No audit done since AGM.
Club doesn't need audit at low turn over.
Rob knows auditor for other aviation organizations;
will approach about doing MBGC finances      ROB

5.0  CFI Report
SOAR reports for FFQ mishap sent to GFA - copies to all present at meeting
read and discussion
conclusion - pilots to be aware of a/c demanding flight characteristics, the need for pilot currency, Lindsay to introduce mild balloon demonstration to pilots.
Other contributors – flying from right hand seat, wind gradient, extra speed.
Others note – pilot awareness of other factors in other circumstances - such as not feeling 100%, spatial disorientation
Greg highlighted – the need to get out and look for damage before taxiing,
get someone competent to check

Confor pad seats –
seen in the Balaklava incident - absorbed impact and minimised injury.
for G109 the issue is to fit such padding and have large pilots fit.

Intra-club reporting
we continue to learn on how to let members know, without generating scuttlebutt externally

Emergency procedures list – displayed in hangar
item to add: how to contact members

Lindsay finishes 11 years CFI at end of 2016, will continue as pilot.

Social commemorating club continuity and Lindsay contributions:
Sunday 29th January 12  lunch & pm         ROB  TO ADVISE MEMBERSHIP

6.0  Airworthiness Report
After engine start difficulty.
aircraft was flown and choke changed over. Expect better start behaviour.
Electrics - suspect  the solenoids stick.
Repeated master turn off and all indicator lights may go off.

BJ to order new chokes for FFQ ready for its repair
authorised by meeting
Lindsay to check battery currently connected – for power

GFA advises that rating validation without refresher course attendance ends 31 December
Ratings holders should advise GFA of ratings and advise GFA of refresher course attended

new rules - Logbook Statement  Emilis to send summary he has culled from MOSP3-7.2D and RO Manual to members

GUD volt meter needed      Baylee to seek

6.1  future Form 2 options      for the future

7.0  AOB

8.0  Next meeting      16th Feb 2017  Thurs

Meeting closed 10pm

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